Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Smell of the Popcorn

These money-seeking mailed letters from AFI President Bob Gazzale make me hate "the movies," things I ostensibly like. To wit:

  Letter from AFI’s Bob Gazzale:
Dear Friend, 
The smell of the popcorn. The excitement of the lights going down. And of course, the story on the silver screen in front of you. 
You never forget your first movie. 
Only at the movies can you escape into another world, delve into real life drama, laugh out loud, or dive under your seat at a thriller. 
I can’t imagine a world without motion pictures. Can you? …
Another one:
Dear Friend, 
If you’re reading this letter, you must love movies. And you’re not alone. 
Film is America’s most popular art form, offering moviegoers like you the chance to explore other worlds, times and characters. For some, it’s a needed escape. For others, an intellectual pursuit. And for many more, just a whole lot of fun. 
But whatever draws you to the silver screen — and whatever you draw from the experience — I’m sure you still get excited when the lights go down and a film begins to roll. And I’m sure you can’t imagine a world without movies... 
...So please don’t miss this chance to become the next member of AFI. You’ll feel a little extra joy and satisfaction every time the lights go down and the magic begins.