Thursday, October 25, 2007

New Walgreens!

The city of Cincinnati is all a-twitter, and it's not hard to see why. A new Walgreens is about to open in the Finneytown/North College Hill area! This facility at the corner of West Galbraith and Winton Road replaces the Walgreens across the street, located in a strip mall next to the House of Tam (oriental food) and LaRosa's (Italian). Now, I don't think I need to tell you why this had to happen. The soon-to-be-vacant site was long known as one of the weakest Walgreens in the area, with its drab facade and lack of visibility due to its buried placement in the strip. I think I bought a Coke there once.

Forget all of that. The new facility will obliterate all memories of that sad old mausoleum. It will take up the entire corner where a Jiffy Lube once stood. Announcing itself so proudly, you won't be able to help stopping by for some razor blades, a hose, cereal, or your anti-depression medication. The trademark soft red glow and precisely arranged brick structuring will coo, "We'll take care of ya."

Expectations are high for this one. Some have predicted a branch that equals or even bests the quality of the Galbraith and Vine location, opened in 2003, or even the peerless East Goshen branch (but let's not get carried away). We'll just have to be patient together. In the mean time, keep hitting up the old locales, or just go to a CVS. (I'm kidding folks! I'm just kidding.)