Monday, October 6, 2008

Do You Really Wanna Hurt Mace?


Nick: How did you come across that, pray tell?
Justin: Mace Windu google image search, obv
Nick: I know you like Mace Windu a lot.
J: He's captivating.
Nick: What would you say your favorite aspect of the character of Mace Windu is?
J: Probably his infinite calm and wisdom.
What's yours?
Nick: He shows a certain grace under pressure I've always esteemed. That and his laid-back, understated wit.
J: He is not one to underestimate.
Nick: The last Sith to underestimate Mace Windu no doubt came to rue the decision.
J: Thankfully for the Sith, most know of Windu's power and show proper fear and respect.
J: It is one of the "absolutes" in which they alone deal.
J: Come to think of it, I can think of another group in power who deal largely in black-and-white absolutes.
The administration of President George W. Bush.
Nick: Two groups with stunningly similar agendas.
J: Being evil.
Nick: "What's the most evil decision we can make?" asks Dick Cheney.
J: "The one that best crushes goodness," replies Wolfowitz.