Monday, March 26, 2007

Congratulations, It's a... Movie?!

It's official. The inexplicable coddling of 2006's worst movie, Mutual Appreciation, has spawned its first offspring! Let Them Chirp Awhile is "a film comedy about two over-educated, midwestern transplants struggling to make it as artists in New York City's East Village." It almost reads like a straight-up remake of Myooch Apreesh, and it does also star bedheaded, oval-faced Bishop Allen frontman Justin Rice. He is teamed here with Brendan Sexton III. You won't find any hate for the latter coming from LIQUID METAL's direction - his crustachioed (genuine) naturalness has elevated fare from Welcome to the Dollhouse to Boys Don't Cry to the under-seen indie gem Hurricane Streets (probably his biggest role). I hadn't heard from him, and thought that he might've quit the game, but no, I've just been snoozing on it.

So why does Chirp raise so many red flags for me? Could just be a knee-jerk reaction to the site of Rice's head. Or it could be the Pitchfork pigeon suit news item. Or the 9/11 element (heft!). Or the proud claim of "the first scenes ever filmed in American Apparel." Holy shit! That's just... too idiotic to think about. I think I'm upset because I know that it's the frustrating free pass given to Andrew Bujalski that's bafflingly lent authentic credence ("the rhythms of the everyday") to such numbing ineptness. A lot of people have to answer for this.

or maybe it'll be great!